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Chef series compact cookware
Pans for cooking and serving
by Simone Pallotto
for Anotech International Hong Kong
Home automation control system
by Clino T. Castelli / Castelli Design, Olivier Poulet
for Somfy
Profilo smart
Multi-functional modular profile
by Gianni Arduini, Arduini Design, Luca Mammi
for Profilo Smart
Top 90 Nova-line
System of windows and doors
by Studio Tecnico Finstral
for Finstral
Dry (don’t repeat yourself)
Tiles for floors and walls
by Vincent Van Duysen
for Brix
Porcelain stoneware tile
by Tokujin Yoshioka Design
for Ceramiche Mutina
Cladding panels
by M+A+P DESIGNstudio
for Originepietra
Arcadia 85
Yacht with integrated photo-voltaic panels
by Arcadia Yachts
for Arcadia Yachts
Key largo 24
Trailer-transportable sailing boat
by Christian Grande Design Works
for Sessa Marine
Azimut Magellano 50
Motoryacht with "Dual mode" keel
by Cor D. Rover B.V., Dixon Yacht Design
for Azimut-Benetti - Divisione MC
Total reflection LED streetlight
by Lagranja Design
for Metalco
Lighting system for pedestrian crossing aimed at the use of LEDs
by Design Tatavitto, Metis Lighting
for iGuzzini Illuminazione
Mv augusta f3
Middle-weight supersport motorbike
by CRC Centro Ricerche Castiglioni
for MV Agusta Motor
Alfa Romeo Giulietta
Compact sedan car
by FGA Design
for Fiat Group Automobiles
Advanced microlight plane
by Fabio Lenci
for Lenci Models
Visual communication design: exhibit design, signage system, pictogram design, art direction, motion graphics
by Massimiliano Patrignani, Doretta Rinaldi, Monica Zaffini, ma:design
for Fondazione MAXXI
by Beppe Finessi, Artemio Croatto
for Foscarini, Corraini
Brand identity system
by Paolo Frello & Partners , Officemilano
for Gruppo Cartorama
Integrated project of social communiation
by Pasquale Volpe, Emanuele Pirro, Pvolpedesign
for Associazione Culturale Good Design
Home 2010 - Outdoor 2010
Company catalogues
by Inocuo Design
for Kristalia